Parking Permits are now in effect for these streets.

Residential Permit Parking Program

Over the past several years, overflow parking from commercial businesses along Piedmont Road has negatively impacted many streets within our neighborhood.  Residents found it increasingly difficult to find on-street parking, and the additional traffic in the neighborhood raised many safety concerns and negatively impacted the quality of life of residents.  Therefore, in 2018, a committee of Peachtree Park residents worked closely with Councilman Howard Shook to implement a residential parking permit program for a select group of streets within Peachtree Park neighborhood.  All neighborhood streets to the north of East Paces Ferry were invited to join in the initiative, with Park Circle, Highland Dr, and the portion of Martina Dr between Piedmont Rd and Park Circle ultimately choosing to participate in the program.

The parking permit program restricts parking on Park Circle, Highland Dr, and upper Martina Dr between the hours of 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM every day.  Only residents and their guests may park on these streets during these hours, and residents of these streets must have a decal issued by the City of Atlanta displayed on any vehicles parked on the street during the restricted hours.  Decals are $20 per vehicle and are issued on an annual basis.  Twenty-four-hour guest passes and 15-day visitor passes are allowed, but the passes must display the resident’s address and the decal number issued to the house.  The impacted areas are clearly marked with traffic signs indicating the restricted parking hours.

If you live on Park Circle, Highland Dr, or upper Martina Dr and need to apply for your resident permit, please email You will receive a PDF copy of the application, as well as a copy of the guest and visitor passes.

A copy of the city ordinance enacting the residential permit parking program can be found here.

As a reminder, all of our streets are city streets, and as such, they are subject to city laws and ordinances.  On occasion, officers may patrol through the neighborhood and write tickets for vehicles that are parked in the wrong direction, too close to stop signs, or in violation of any other rule.  Please be mindful of where and how you are parking.