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Board Officers

  President   Cathy Muzzy

Cathy Muzzy

  Vice President   Chris Gratch   Contact

Vice President
Wes Lyle

  Secretary   Hannah Sibley    Contact

Hannah Sibley

  Treasurer    Eric "Flip" Fors    Contact

Eric "Flip" Fors


Kristin Heath


Board Members

 Kristin Heath    Contact

Suzi Carson

 Jake Laughlin    Contact

Lacey Chitwood

 Michelle Lyle    Contact

Jake Laughlin

 Wes Lyle    Contact


 Mary Walsh Myers    Contact

Joshua Magaro

 Rickie Nelson    Contact

Rickie Nelson

 Chris Rich    Contact

David Orrison

 Jean Robertson    Contact

Shawn Perez

 Alan Stegmayer    Contact

Shannon Ponsell

 Levi Walls    Contact

David Stoddard

 Mary WalshMyers

Mary WalshMyers

      Jean Robertson

     Jean Robertson


PPCA - Work and Initiatives

Below is a summary of work done by PPCA committees:




Oversees communication on behalf of the association.  This includes managing the website, email blasts and various forms of social media (Facebook, Nextdoor, etc.).  Also manages the technology infrastructure to support the operations of the PPCA.

Chair:  Shawn Perez


Responsible for managing the maintenance and upkeep of our neighborhood islands, parks and playground.

  Chair:  David Orrison


Manages the membership application and renewal process.  Welcomes new residents and informs about the work and accomplishments of the PPCA.

Chair:  Shannon Ponsell



Administers the Security Patrol including scheduling officer shifts, providing information to the neighborhood about security incidents, fielding security-related messages from residents and communicating needs to security patrol officers.

Chair:  Jake Laughlin


Organizes all major neighborhood social events and activities that help to promote the quality of life in Peachtree Park.

Chair:  Josh Magaro


Responsible for acquiring sponsors to raise money for the Association.

     Chair: Mary WalshMyers  

street captains

Responsible for recruiting and communicating with Peachtree Park street captains.

Chair:  Hannah Sibley



Monitors building activity in and around the neighborhood to ensure that building permits are obtained and that construction is executed based on the approved plans.  Also addresses noise violations and other infringements of the rights of our residents.

Chair:  Cathy Muzzy