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The PPCA Security Patrol can be reached through the Security Hotline at 404-939-4460.

when you need to report a crime or suspicious person, call 9-1-1 immediately and then call the hotline.  if the officers are on patrol, one of them will respond.  if they are not on patrol, the security committee will respond as quickly as possible.

The PPCA Security Patrol is a private patrol of off-duty Atlanta Police Department officers paid for by residents.  Currently, we have three officers working in the patrol.  Shifts operate at night and in the early morning hours.  The times vary so that our schedules aren't easily monitored.

Once a year we host "Meet the Officers" down near the East Paces Ferry Bridge for the children to meet Atlanta Police Department personnel and learn who the "Good Guys" are!  We have motorcycle units, police horses, a member of the K-9 unit, police squad cars, balloons and breakfast as part of the event which is held in the fall.


PPca Security incident report

PPCA Security newsletter

The PPCA Security Committee has a Security Newsletter to keep PPCA members informed of criminal/suspicious activity in our neighborhood, as well as helpful security and safety-related tips and information.  As a member of the PPCA, you are automatically signed-up to receive the newsletter.  If for some reason you are not currently receiving the newsletter, please fill-out the small form below, and we will look into it for you.

The PPCA Security Committee provides an online Security Incident Report for collecting useful information about security-related incidents in the neighborhood.  When this report is submitted, it is immediately sent to the PPCA Security Committee, as well as our Security Patrol Officers.  Additionally, an online spreadsheet is populated with the information from the reports, it is used to generate reports that are shared with Zone 2.

Security Initiative Donations

The PPCA Security Committee is responsible for managing various security-related initiatives for Peachtree Park.  These initiatives include our Security Patrol, Flock Safety License Plate Reading Cameras, as well as our HD/GBPB security cameras.  While a portion of the PPCA membership dues is directed to our general security fund, we also rely on the generous donations made by Peachtree Park residents.  If you are interested in donating towards any (or all) of our security initiatives, please click the buttons below for more information.

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