PPCA Security Patrol Initiative

When you join the PPCA, a portion ($50) of your membership dues goes toward the Security Fund and helps cover the costs associated with our Security Patrol.  The PPCA usually has around 300 residents join as members each year.  Therefore, we typically have around $15,000 to work with in terms of our security patrol budget -- which allows us to provide 40 hours of patrol coverage per month.

We utilize off-duty APD police officers for our Security Patrol.  Here are a few of the benefits associated with using off-duty police officers:


action on the spot

Our security patrol officers can take action on the spot...meaning that they write tickets, make arrests, etc. and aren't relegated to calling 911 if/when something happens.

ATLANTA POLICE 7440874558_d257422a60_b.jpg

marked vehicles

Our security patrol officers have the ability to drive APD vehicles, making it extremely obvious that there is a police presence in our neighborhood.


one call, that's all

Our security patrol officers can use their APD radios to run license plate numbers as well as request back-up when necessary.

Let's be honest.  Sure...40 patrol hours per month is better than nothing, but just barely.  40 hours per month boils down to 10 hours per week.  Our patrol officers typically pull 3-hour shifts, so that gives us coverage of 3 nights per week.  And as luck would have it, something always seems to happen either on the nights they aren't patrolling or after their shifts are over.

So that's where your donations come into play.  The more money we have in the security patrol fund, the more patrol hours we can afford to provide.