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Online Security Incident Report Is Now Available

There is now an online Security Incident Report available on our website under Quick Links in the top navigation menu.

While security incidents can be reported via email (security@peachtreeparkatl.org) and/or the Security Hotline (404-939-4460), this online form is extremely useful because it provides fields for all of the useful information we need.  When a form is submitted, the following things take place:

  1. The form is automatically emailed to the Security Committee and both of our Security Patrol Officers.
  2. Information from the report is captured in an online database that the Security Committee can use to generate reports to be shared and discussed at meetings, as well as with the Security Patrol Officers, APD, etc.

Using the form makes the entire process seamless and allows the Security Committee to perform its duties in a much more efficient, effective manner.

If you have any questions about the form or about reporting security incidents in general, please do not hesitate to contact the Security Committee.