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Online Security Incident Report Is Now Available

There is now an online Security Incident Report available on our website under Quick Links in the top navigation menu.

While security incidents can be reported via email (security@peachtreeparkatl.org) and/or the Security Hotline (404-939-4460), this online form is extremely useful because it provides fields for all of the useful information we need.  When a form is submitted, the following things take place:

  1. The form is automatically emailed to the Security Committee and both of our Security Patrol Officers.
  2. Information from the report is captured in an online database that the Security Committee can use to generate reports to be shared and discussed at meetings, as well as with the Security Patrol Officers, APD, etc.

Using the form makes the entire process seamless and allows the Security Committee to perform its duties in a much more efficient, effective manner.

If you have any questions about the form or about reporting security incidents in general, please do not hesitate to contact the Security Committee.

July 2016 PPCA Board Meeting

The July PPCA board meeting will be held Tuesday, July 19th at 7:00PM at Flip Fors house at 713 East Paces Ferry. If you would like to attend and speak then please send your topic to any board member for inclusion.


1. Finding of the Path 400 Working group and next steps
2. Budget decision on sprinkler repair at Bridge Park
3. Choice to replace Luke and Sana on the board as they are leaving
4. Directory update and discussion
5. Other items to be added as we receive them
6. New business

2016 Peachtree Park Dues Drive

The 2016 Peachtree Park Dues Drive has begun! The PPCA board would like to thank each of you for your contribution of both time and money to our community over this past year. We would like to encourage you all to support the PPCA annual dues drive this year and help keep our neighborhood a safe and beautiful place to live.

For more information, and for the opportunity to pay online, please visit the Dues Drive page on our website.

Thank you!
PPCA Board