Neighborhood Security Camera Initiative

Despite the fact that Peachtree Park is not a "cut-through neighborhood," we still have a few areas where people can gain entry and/or exit the neighborhood on foot.  In order to keep a watchful eye on who is coming and going through these areas, we have installed security cameras to monitor foot traffic.  The cameras are powered by batteries that are charged via solar panels, and the footage is transferred to the cloud over Verizon's cellular network. 

Below is a great example of how effective these cameras can be.  On November 25th, two juveniles were caught after a resident saw them walking down Dale Drive and looking into vehicles.  The resident called 911 and reported the suspicious activity, and a Zone 2 police officer responded immediately.  The two juveniles were apprehended on Greenview Avenue.  Two other residents had footage from their home security cameras that showed the two juveniles going through cars in their driveway, as well as cars in their neighbors' driveway.  The video below shows the two juveniles entering the neighborhood via the Pedestrian Bridge.

Footage of the two guys that entered Peachtree Park and broke into several cars on Dale Drive. They were apprehended on Greenview Drive, minutes after a resident called 911 and reported them.