License Plate Reading Cameras Initiative

The PPCA has partnered with Flock Safety to install its license plate reading cameras throughout the neighborhood.  The cameras take bursts of photos as vehicles pass by, capturing images of their license plates and saving them in the cloud.  When residents report criminal/suspicious activity, footage from the cameras can be accessed via an online portal, reviewed and sent to APD.


Solar-powered cameras

Cameras are located in strategic locations thoughtout the neighborhood and capture license plates of vehicles.

Flock Sign - Elliott.jpg

neighborhood signs

Signs are displayed throughout the neighborhood to help deter criminal activity.

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online portal

Camera footage can be reviewed online and sent to APD to aid in criminal investigations.

2018 Fundraising Goal

The PPCA is charged on an annual basis for the Flock Safety license plate reading cameras.  Any donation amount above and beyond the bare minimum of $25 would be gratefully appreciated!